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March 16, 1844 • Saturday

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Minutes of Preceedings of Se[c]ond

Meeting of the Society

Room over Brick Store March 16th 〈1844〉

10 oClock A.M

Meeting Opend with singing.

Prayer by Prest Emma Smith.

Mrs Prest— the〈n〉 arose and adress’d the Meeting upon the Nec[e]ssity of being united amoung ourselves and Strenthing [strengthening] each others hands in ordor that we may be able to do much good amoung the poor— [blank] again read the Epistle in Defence of the virtues Female part of the community of Nauvoo1 exhorted them to cleanse thier hearts and Ears and said the time had come when we must through throw the Mantle of Charity round to shield those who will repent and do so no more Spoke of J. C. Bennets [John C. Bennett’s] Spiritual Wife system, theat some taught it as the Doctrene of B Joseph—2 She advised all to abide the Book of Mormon— Dr Coven’ts [Doctrine and Covenants] &c3 then read that Epistle of Presedent J. Smiths; rewritten in this Book of Record—4 Meeting then closed to reopen— 12 OClock—

One OClock Meeting calld to order Pres Emma Smith again adressed. the Society Read Boath the former Epistles;— Desired none shluld [should] lift their hand or voice; to adopt the princples unless they where willing to maintain their integrity through time & Eternity Said thease contain the princples, the Society started upon; but was sorry to have to say [p. [125]] all had adhe

all had not adhere’d to them—

again exhorted— to follow the teachings of Presedet J Smith— from the Stand— said their could not not be stronnger Language used than that just read— and that was these are 〈the〉 words of B. Joseph her Husband— &c Said she wanted to see a reformation in boath men & woman— also exhorted— to look affter the poor— also to examin the conduct of their Leaders of this Society— that you may sit in judgement on their heads— and said if thier ever was any authourity on the Earth she had it— and had yet— Prest. E. S. closed her remarks by say[i]ng she should like to have all the Society present to geather— she said it was her intention to present the Officers of the Society for fellowship— when a place can be obtaind that all can be present— [blank] Meeting ajou [adjourned] until a suitable place can be obtaind—

H. [Hannah] M. Ells


the followig names were rece’d

Sophia, M. Burgess

Hareet Hamilton

Seliana [Silence] Ward

Sarah Gabbit

Rushton Margrett [Margaret Rushton]

Mary C Allen

Eliza Odercark [Odekirk]

Jane Roadiback [Rodeback]

C Elmira Babitt [Almira Babbitt]

Ammy Chase

Adelia Bently

Sarah M Jhonson [Johnson]

Clarrisia Hught [Haight]

Chastina Hollylike [Hadlock]

Mary Grove

Maria M [Emmoliza] Green

Cathrine Harty

Lucy Merrill

Harriet Pixson

Cyantha [Cynthia] Osborn

Mary Robins

Maryann Greenhouch

Orpha Davies

[p. [126]]

Diana Cole

Mary A. Rilands [Roylance]

Mary Cole

Eliza Booth

Rosana Marks

Sarah Sheffild

Adelia Cole

Ann Pine

Charlott Portor [Potter]

Mary A Yearsly

Mary Oldige [Aldridge]

Ann Miles

[blank] [Suritta] Colum

Susana Slater

Mary A Preist

Larata [Floretta] Green

Lavina Willson [Lovina Wilson]

Mary Parker

Martha L More

Mary A Powers

Elisebeth Kelting

Emely Davis

Ellen Hartly

Mary Rus[s]ell

Alice Willding

E♢mira Prentic [Almira Prentiss]

Elisebeth White

Caroline Parsons

Sarah M Noris

Maria M Green

Mary Travis

Cidny [Sidney] Jones

[p. [127]]

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