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July 21, 1843 • Friday

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Meeting of the

Third ward1

July 21st 1843

Meeting conven’d Mrs President not present Mrs [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney & Mrs Billing’s present

Sister Whitney rose Spoke2 of the Privilege of the Sisters Hoped we should be one and 〈feel〉 a freedom to speak of things that mostly concerned us and realise the wants of the Poor

Sis Miller named that she would do any thing that she could do—

There was a case of Widow Warner living at Br Jonathan Taylor’s with 5 small children that kneeded assistance verry much

The case of Mother Smith was then mentiond that she was in the decline of life and that she requested the prayers of the Society that she might yet be ennabled to prove a Blessing to those who may enquire of the things of the Kingdom

Sister Durfee said she would give some rolls for the Society3

Sister Wolly [Mary Woolley] namd that she would spin 2 lb

Sister Lee said she would spin 2 lbs—

Sis Rhoda Ann Bentley will donate a counterpain4 to be appropriated as the Society shall direct [p. [99]]

Sister Abagail Wollsey [Woolsey] said she would knit what 2 lb would make

Sister Stewart will give a pr socks

Sister Whitney then rose and remark’d appropriately on the privileges of the kingdom said we should be up an〈d〉 doing.


Sister Lee donat’d cash


Nancy Wilson will donate pr panteloons and babes petticoat

Sister [Rebecca] Hodges will donate Table cloth to the Society [blank] closed by prayer

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