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July 15, 1843 • Saturday

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1Third Meeting of Society

Meeting of the

Second Ward

July 15 1843

Meeting conven’d according to previous appontmt [appointment] prest. Emma Smith being detaind Councillor [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney p[r]esided

Meeting opend by singing “come thou fount of every blessing”2 prayer by Coun Whitney

Councillor Whitney then rose, said she rejoiced that we could enjoy the pr[i]vilege of associating together to converse on things of th[e] Kingdom to comfort and edify each other while passing through this vale of tears, made many appropriate remarks said could we abide a celestial baw [law?] and be made meet for the celestial kingdom how glorious will it be requested the sisters present to free their minds as the spirit of the Lord should direct that all should make known the wants of the 〈poor〉 said that though prest Emma Smith was absent yet that she requested the society to do all the good in their power regretted her abscence &c

The sisters expessd [expressed] their minds one by one a union of sentiment seemed to prevail among them all (viz) in forwarding the Temple and in relieving the wants of the want of the poor

Sis King said she would knit or sew half th[e] time

Sis Duel [Mary Deuel] said she would do sewing she also represented an English Sister Br who is suffer[i]ng extreme poverty

Sis Gribble donates $1 per month to the poor

Coun Whitny again said— it is the council of E Smith prest E Smith to keep accounts of small donations given at their homes from time to time [p. [97]] and bring such accounts to the Treasurer

Sis James [Drusilla] Hendricks spoke in a pathetic manner upon the subject of the 〈temple〉 refered to the revelation concerning it— that if we faild in keeping the commandment the consequences would be serious3

Coun W again remarked appropriately spoke of the blessings in reserve for us if faithful in keeping the commandment concring [concerning] these Houses to be built &c

Sister King called to mind the past suffering of the Saints when they were driven from Mo— (all wept) and greatly desir’d that we might avoid the inevitable consequenses of disobedience4

Mrs Whitney continued said that prayer and faith together withe our efforts must agree proposed that some should pray to this effect

One of the sister’s p[r]ayed


Sister Malissa King donated calico ap[r]on


Sister Boice 〈will give〉 a pr linnen pantelloons

Sister Orson [Catherine] Spencer donates 4 yds bleach, a cotton cloth and vest pattern



Sister Barrass [Huldah Barrus] will give shingles

Sister Nickerson will give 4 lb candles and 1000 shingles—

Sister Husted rose wept said She had nothing to give spoke of her trouble in Mo the Death of her Husband &c

Counsellor Whitney seaid it was not her duty to give not even her mite but rather— she should be helped then reccommended her to the charity

Sister King said Sister Husted kneeded help

Sis Elisabeeth [Elizabeth] King will give Sister Husted flowr

♢ another sister Sis [Philinda] Stanly offerd a bushel of corn

Sister P[hebe] M Wheeler a calico dress [p. [98]]

Sister [Mahala] Overton said she would color or weave for the Society

Sister Corrol5 [Hannah Carroll] said she would weave for the Society

Meeting closed— prayer by sister Wheeler

P M Wheeler assistant Secy

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