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September 28, 1842 • Wednesday

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Eighteenth Meeting1

of the


Grove, Sept. 28th.

Mrs. President not present.2 Councillors [Sarah] Cleveland and [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney presided— the following persons were received into the Society— to wit.

Jerusha Dalyrimple

Caroline L. Curtiss

Margaret Dunn

Margaret West

Adaline Dunn

Polly Meecham [Meacham]

Clarissa Herriman

Ann F. Kinsey

Jennette C. Russell

Surviah Taylor

Melvina C. Snow

Maryette Coray

Susan Hervey [Harvey]

Permelia M. Dayton

Sally G. Canfield

Mary Vanansdall [Van Ausdall]

Sarah Mowerry

Anne Vanansdall [Anna Van Ausdall]

Elizabeth Robbins

Maria Harris

Harriet Marsh

Naomi Kellogg

Sally Peacock

Elizabeth Packer

Julia Daniels

Catharine Mikesell

Elizabeth Mount

Hannah Page

Lodema Winnegar [Winegar]

Saria Garner

Susanna Yocom

Catharine E. Crouse

Lucy J. Leonard

Mary Fose

Meeting adjourn’d Sine Die.

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  1. [1]This minute book numbers Relief Society meetings in sequence for each of the three years it covers. For 1842, the minutes have no record for the seventeenth meeting, which would have been held at some point between August 31 and September 28. It is also possible that there was no additional meeting and that the scribe accidentally skipped from sixteen to eighteen in numbering the meetings.

  2. [2]In the entry he made in Joseph Smith’s journal for the day following this meeting, scribe Willard Richards recorded, “This day Sister Emma began to be sick with fever; consequently president Joseph kept in the house and with her all day.” Joseph and Emma were both sick for the next week. (Joseph Smith, Journal, Sept. 29–Oct. 7, 1842, in JSP, J2:159–162.)