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Many individuals and institutions have made this volume possible. We give special thanks to administrators and officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, for sponsoring the project, and to the management and staff of the Church History Library, Salt Lake City, where the majority of the documents reproduced in this volume are located.

We acknowledge with appreciation the contributions of many other individuals from the Church History Department. Richard E. Turley Jr. provided helpful direction throughout the process. Lisa Olsen Tait reviewed the entire manuscript and offered crucial feedback. Jeff Crossley and Matthew Geilman translated Spanish correspondence. Leslie Sherman helped establish styles for the endnotes. Stephanie Steed and Adam McLain provided editorial assistance. Jeffrey G. Cannon and Kay Darowski assisted with illustrations and permissions. Ben Ellis Godfrey organized the accompanying website,; Ben Godfrey, John Heath, and Debra Xavier helped with marketing. Kiersten Olson provided administrative support.

A number of other people, many of them missionaries, student interns, and volunteers at the Church History Library, contributed their research skills to the volume: Craig Dee Anderson, Megan Beth Armknecht, Marlene Breti, Lilly Christensen, Rebekah Clark, Steven James Fluckiger, Cathy Gilmore, Elise Marchant Godfrey, Joan Harding, Janelle Higbee, Tara Jes Huish, Cathryn Jane Hulse, Shalyn Schmelter, Amy Amelia Anne Wallace, and Kristine Lee Wright.

Thanks to the management and staff of Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, for their expertise in designing, printing, distributing, and marketing the volume. We particularly acknowledge Sheri L. Dew, Laurel Christensen Day, Lisa Roper, Richard Erickson, and David Kimball. We are also grateful to Margaret A. Hogan for careful proofreading and to Rachel Lyon for creating the index in this volume.

We extend special thanks to Jill Mulvay Derr, formerly of the Church History Department; Colleen McDannell of the University of Utah; Susanna Morrill of Lewis and Clark University; and Jana Reiss of the Religion News Service, each of whom reviewed a draft of the volume and offered valuable comments and feedback.

In addition to the Church History Library, several other libraries and repositories have provided critical materials and assistance: L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University; Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah; Utah State Historical Society; and International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

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