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April 14, 1842 • Thursday

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Minutes of the Proceedings

of the

Fourth Meeting of the Society.

Lodge Room, April 14,th 1842.

Meeting opened with singing “How pleasant ’tis to see” &c.1

Prayer by Prest. Emma Smith— after which Councillor [Sarah] Cleveland arose and address’d the meeting, informing them that the case of Clarissa M. [Marvel] had been satisfactorily settled she having testified in her own hand writing that she had said no wrong &c.2 Mrs. C. continued by cautioning the Society against speaking evil of Prest. J. Smith and his companion— that it would not be a light thing in the sight of God— that they had prov’d themselves; and the case of C. M. should be a warning, how we hear and how we speak— express’d her fears that the Lord would cut off those who will not take counsel &c.

Motioned by Councillor Cleveland, seconded by Councillor [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney, that the following persons be received into this Society—— passed unanimously,

Clarissa Wilcox

Lydia Anderson3

Phebe Knights [Knight]

Catharine Mellon [Malin]

[blank] Wight

Hannah Pierce

Lydia Huntington

Betsey Roundy

Phebe Miller

Phebe Chase

Phebe Angell

Nancy H. Rockwood

Drusilla Hendricks

Nancy Winchester

Polly [Knight] Stringham

Martha Peck

Asenath Sherman

Cornelia J. Fisher

Lydia Anderson

Electa E. Whiteside

Charlotte Hawes

Prest. E. Smith arose and address’d the meeting by saying that the disagreeable busines of searching out those that were iniquitous, seem’d to fall on her— [p. 26] said it was an unpleasant task, but her desire was to do good— wish’d all the members of this Society to assist her— said it was necessary to begin at home— to eradicate all evil from our4 own hearts— and warn those who wish to join, with us, to come calculating to divest themselves of every thing wrong and unite to expose iniquity, to search it out and put it away— She said the Society had other duties to attend to than seeing to the wants of the poor. Exhorted the members so to conduct as to have the honor of commencing a good work and of carrying it out— enforc’d the necessity of walking in a manner that would be approbated of God.

While the Officers of the Board were examining petitions of various persons who applied for membership Mrs. Prest. call’d on the Society to occupy the time; which was spent much to the edification of those present, by Mother [Lucy Mack] Smith and others, by way of exhortation, admonition, encouragement &c. &c.

After passing examination on the various petitions presented; the following names were presented to the Society, and the persons received as members, to wit.

Mercy Ann Bruce

Sarah Head

Nancy N. Tracy

Sarah Davis

Olive Farr

Sophronia Norris

Susannah Be[ckel]hymer

Mary Sloan

Julia Stone

Delia Curtis

Emily Whitmark [Whitmarsh]

Catharine Wood

Charlotte Curtis

Mary Munjar

Jane Allen

Mary C. Coray

Elizabeth Johnson

Caroline Kingsbury

Loisa [Louisa] M. Lyman

Jane Ann Green

Mary E. Lightner

Amy Clothier

[p. [27]]

Magdalene Moesser

Mary H. Felshaw

Ruth Sayers

Eliza Grant

Caroline M. Bullard

Susan Younger

Mary Ann Bullard

Asenath Sherman

Mary Smith

Cornelia J. Fisher5

Mahitable Calkins

Electa G. [Eleanor] Whiteside

Kuhamath B. Derby

Jane A. Young

Eveline Rollin

Rebecca Reed

Huldah Harmon

Sarah Ann Waitt

Eliza M. Green[e]

Amanda M. Pierce

Elizabeth Bills

Hannah Smith

Ruth Williams

Anna Partridge

Hannah Marsh

Elizabeth Fory6

Marcia Allen

Sarah Noe

Prest. Smith then call’d on those, if any present who knew of cases of the poor to be represented.

Mrs. [Phebe Ann] Hawkes spoke of the Drury family— still sick needing our prayers— if nothing more—7

Mary Smith said her husband had given her the privilege of donating weekly one bushel of corn meal for the poor— wish’d to know where it should be deposited.— also mentioned the case of a motherless child needing a home— whereupon,

It was decided that for the present it should remain in the care of Mrs. Eldridge— decided also that the meal offered by Mrs. Smith as well as all other provisions, should be put into the care of the Treas. where the needy may apply for the same——

The following donations in money were made, to wit,

Caroline Kingsbury



Sylva Lyons [Sylvia Lyon]



[p. [28]]

Athalia Robinson



Charlotte Hawes



Vilate Kimball



Catharine Wilkie





The meeting adjourn’d to thursday, the 28th of April, at 2 o.clock, P.M.8

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