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The Joseph Smith Papers: Documents, Volume 11 Released

SALT LAKE CITY—The Church Historian’s Press today announced the release of the latest volume of The Joseph Smith Papers. Documents, Volume 11 includes papers from September 1842 through February 1843 and covers a trying time during which Joseph Smith continued to lead the church and city government of Nauvoo, Illinois, as opponents sought his arrest and extradition to Missouri. The volume also includes important instructions from Joseph Smith to the church on the practice of baptisms for the dead.


Documents, Volume 11: September 1842–February 1843


Documents, Volume 11 features 105 documents, including letters, editorials, reports of discourses, municipal and legal documents, and poems. The texts presented in this volume, with their detailed historical annotation, make this book a crucial resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Joseph Smith as president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as mayor of Nauvoo, and as a man seeking to protect himself, his family, and his fellow Latter-day Saints from persecution.

Documents, Volume 11 was edited by Spencer W. McBride, Jeffrey D. Mahas, Brett D. Dowdle, and Tyson Reeder. Visit for more information.