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George Atkin

"George Atkins"
1836–3 January 1899

George Atkin was born in England in 1836. He moved to Tooele, Utah Territory, with his father in 1851. He married Sarah A. Atkin. He worked as a retail grocer and became superintendent of the Tooele Stake Sunday School in 1882. Atkin was mayor of Tooele from 1883 to 1885. He died in Tooele on 3 January 1899.[1]

  1. [1] “George Atkin,” 1880 U.S. Census, 2B; “Tooele Pioneer Dead,” Salt Lake Herald, 4 Jan. 1899, 6; Tooele Stake History: 1846–1900 (Tooele Utah Stake Presidency, [1977]), 213, 221–222. Atkin’s age on the 1880 census appears to be either 44 or 49, which means he was born in either 1831 or 1836. Since his 1899 obituary says he died at age 63, he was most likely born in 1836.