Anna Howard Shaw

February 14, 1847–July 2, 1919

Born at Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England; daughter of Nicolas Stott and Thomas Shaw. Immigrated to the United States, 1851. Lived at Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts; moved to Michigan, 1859. Became a licensed Methodist preacher, circa 1870. Studied at Albion College, 1873–1876. Graduated from the Boston University theological school, 1878. Ordained in the Methodist Protestant Church, 1880. Became a lecturer for the Massachusetts State Suffrage Association, 1885. Graduated from Boston University Medical School, 1886. Appointed the superintendent of franchise for the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 1886. Served as vice president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, 1892–1904, and as president, 1904–1915. Served as the chair of the woman’s committee for the Council of National Defense, 1917–1919; awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Died at Moylan, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 1 (See Document 4.27)


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