The Church Historian's Press

Zacheus Cheney

1818– 1898

Born in Sempronius, New York; baptized in 1834; worked on temple at Kirtland, Ohio; served in Nauvoo Legion in Nauvoo, Illinois; joined Mormon Battalion in 1846; remained in California following his discharge in 1847; credited with making first bricks manufactured in San Francisco in 1848; prospected at Mormon Island; married Amanda Evans, daughter of William and Hannah Evans, in 1853; appointed president of San Francisco Branch that same year; led company of Saints from California to Utah following onset of Utah War in 1857; settled in Centerville, where he died. (See Whitney, History of Utah, 4:213–15; Jenson, BE, 4:739; Larson, Data Base of the Mormon Battalion, 61–62; Smoot, City In-Between, 193–95; Ricketts, Mormon Battalion, 360; Owens, Gold Rush Saints, 253–54; GQC journal, Aug. 12, 1854.)