Thomas McKenzie


Born in Ireland; baptized in 1843; appointed to special mission in 1848 to preach the gospel and solicit educational materials for use in Utah schools; sent to New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1849 to assist emigration of Latter-day Saints from Europe and to organize a branch for those unable to continue the journey; resided at Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in October 1852; one of the presidents of Thirtieth Quorum of Seventy, along with GQC; after immigrating to Salt Lake City, called on mission to southern Utah in October 1853; resided in Salt Lake City in June 1855. (See “Thomas McKenzie, President (5th), Gene[a]ology,” in Seventies Quorum records, Thirtieth Quorum; Church Historian’s Office, “History of the Church,” Apr. 24, 1848; “New Orleans Branch Record,” Oct. 28, 1849; “Thirtieth Quorum of Seventies,” Deseret News, May 1, 1852; Journal History, Oct. 5, 1853; “Report of the 30th Quorum,” Deseret News, June 27, 1855; GQC journal, Apr. 20, 1854.)