Richard Armstrong

1805– 1860

Native of McEwensville, Pennsylvania; graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1831 and later that year sailed for Hawai‘i with wife, Clarissa, as part of fifth company of missionaries sent to the islands by ABCFM; served at several missionary stations including Wailuku, Maui, and Honolulu, where he served as pastor of Kawaiaha‘o Church; resigned from missionary service in 1848 to become Hawaiian minister of public education; member of the House of Nobles and the King’s Privy Council; continued in government service until his death in Honolulu. (See Day, History Makers of Hawaii, 5; Missionary Album, 30–32; Kuykendall, Hawaiian Kingdom, 1:437–48, 2:299; Grimshaw, Paths of Duty, 239; King, Diaries of David Lawrence Gregg, 601; GQC journal, Jan. 4, 18, Oct. 5–6, 11, 1851; May 17, Nov. 14, 1853; Jan. 30, 1854.)