Reddick [also spelled Redick] Newton Allred

1822– 1905

Twin brother of Reddin Allred; born in Farmington, Tennessee; baptized in 1833; married Lucy Hoyt in Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1843; served in Mormon Battalion, 1846–47; returned to Winter Quarters, Nebraska, in 1847 to be reunited with his family; immigrated to Utah in 1849 in same company as Charles and Mary Alice Lambert and Angus, David, and Leonora Cannon; served mission in Hawai‘i, 1853–55, primarily on Maui; succeeded GQC as Maui conference president; after returning to Utah, settled in Sanpete County; served as bishop, patriarch, and member of Utah territorial legislature; died in Chester, Utah. (See Jenson, BE, 2:167–68; Reddick Allred journals; MMH, biographical sketches; Ricketts, Mormon Battalion, 357; Larson, Database of the Mormon Battalion, 13–14; “Stories of the Mormon Battalion,” in Carter, Treasures of Pioneer History, 4:430–31; Davies, Mormon Gold, 321–22; GQC journal, frequent references, Mar. 1853–July 1854.)