Orin Nelson Woodbury

1828– 1890

Younger brother of John S. Woodbury; born in New Salem, Massachusetts; baptized along with his family in New Salem in 1841; resided in Nauvoo, Illinois, before immigrating to Salt Lake City in 1847; married GQC’s sister Ann in 1853; established a farm south of Salt Lake City; helped impede the advance of the U.S. Army during 1857–1858 Utah War; called to move his family to southern Utah in 1861; helped settle St. George, where he died. (See Jenson, BE, 2:432–33; Evans and Cannon, Cannon Family Historical Treasury, 390; Woodbury, History of the Jeremiah Woodbury Family, 107–11; Conquerors of the West, 4:2772–74; GQC journal, June 9, Aug. 18, Nov. 21, 1853; Apr. 25, May 14, 1854.)