Mr./Brother Kapono

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Born near Peahi, Maui; resident of Kula, Maui; deacon in the Congregationalist Church headed by the Reverend Jonathan Green when introduced to the Church by Kaleohano; had dream regarding the Church that he related to GQC in August 1851; baptized and ordained priest in May 1853; outfitted missionaries visiting Haleakala in October 1853; went to eastern Maui along with Kekoa to undermine effort of Kaauwi to turn Latter-day Saints from their religion; labored as missionary on Moloka‘i in March 1854; ordained elder prior to leaving on mission to Big Island in April 1854; sailed from Maui to Big Island in same canoe as GQC; assigned to labor at Kohala; appointed missionary to Kaua‘i at conference held at Lana‘i in April 1856; raised money for a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse to be built at the leper settlement in Kalaupapa, Moloka‘i. His wife, Puhiki, is identified as a Latter-day Saint in June 1854. (See Spurrier, Sandwich Islands Saints, 121–25; Hammond journal, May 28–29, 1853; Reddick Allred journal, Dec. 16, 1853; MMH, Apr. 8, 1856; GQC journal, frequent references, Aug. 1851–June 1854.)