Mary Burnham

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Haole wife of Albion Burnham; baptized with her son William Henry (possibly from a previous marriage) in April 1852 at Makawao, Maui; likely had daughter named Helen; frequently hosted missionaries at her house; moved with her family to Honolulu in February 1853 and then to Lihu‘e, Kaua‘i, in July 1853, where her sister (Mrs. Kibling) was baptized in July 1854; immigrated to Salt Lake Valley as a widow in 1864, traveling with three of her children, Joseph F. Smith, and others. (See Cannon to Bigler and Farrer, Dec. 1, 1851, WFC; Farrer diary, July 16, 1854; Cannon to Farrer, Mar. 27, 1854, WFC; MMH, Oct. 12, 1864; GQC journal, frequent references, Nov. 1851–Dec. 1853.)