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At least two and possibly three individuals mentioned by GQC have this name. A Mahoe was ordained a deacon during the organization of Kula Branch on Maui in August 1851. A non-Latter-day Saint named Mahoe, a schoolteacher and graduate of the Lahainaluna Seminary living near Kawaipapa, Maui, had gospel discussions with GQC in May 1853 and April 1854. In February 1854, GQC visited a Church member named Mahoe who lived in the Nu‘uanu Valley, O‘ahu, and had been ordained a priest on O‘ahu in July 1853. (See Farrer diary, July 23, 1853; GQC journal, Aug. 6, 1851; May 2, 11–12, 1853; Feb. 26, Apr. 21, 1854.)