The Church Historian's Press

Louisa Barnes Pratt

1802– 1880

Older sister of Caroline Crosby; born in Warwick, Massachusetts; married Addison Pratt in 1831; settled together on the shore of Lake Erie in upstate New York; baptized in 1838 with her husband, having been introduced to the Church by her sister; moved to Nauvoo, Illinois; saw her husband off on a mission to the Pacific in 1843; reunited with her husband shortly after her arrival in Salt Lake City in 1848; with children in tow, left Utah to join her husband on his second mission to the Society Islands in 1851; returned to U.S. in 1852 because of difficulties with Tahitian government; settled in San Bernardino, California; moved to Utah in 1857 without her husband; settled in Beaver; lived there remainder of her life. (See Ellsworth, History of Louisa Barnes Pratt; Stone, “Louisa Barnes Pratt”; Ellsworth, “First Mormon Missionary Women in the Pacific,” in Underwood, Voyages of Faith, 33–47; Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, 3:2440–41; Ellsworth, Journals of Addison Pratt, 597–98; Lyman, Payne, and Ellsworth, No Place to Call Home, 552, 568; GQC journal, Nov. 27, 1852.)