The Church Historian's Press

Leonora Cannon Taylor

1796– 1868

Aunt of GQC and referred to as such throughout GQC’s journals; born in Peel, Isle of Man; immigrated to Canada in 1832; married John Taylor in 1833; mother of George J., Mary Ann, and Joseph J. Taylor; baptized along with her husband by Parley P. Pratt in 1836; moved with her family to Missouri; established home in Nauvoo, Illinois, while her husband served mission to England; opened her home to GQC and his sister Ann following death of their mother; immigrated to Salt Lake Valley in 1847, GQC traveling in same company; made home with her family for GQC before he left for California; died in Salt Lake City. (See Tullidge, Women of Mormondom, 414–15; “Courageous Pioneers,” in Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage, 7:218–21; Roberts, Life of John Taylor, 471–75; Taylor, Kingdom or Nothing, 405; Gibbons, John Taylor, 299–300; “Obituary,” Deseret News, Dec. 10, 1868; GQC journal, frequent references, Nov. 1850–Sept. 1854.)