Kitty Richardson Napela

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Sister of John Richardson and wife of Jonathan Napela; half-white; reportedly one of the most beautiful women in the islands; allowed GQC and other missionaries to stay at her home at Wailuku, Maui; occasionally expressed concerns about her husband’s association with the missionaries; frequently troubled by health problems; healed on at least two occasions by priesthood blessings; contracted leprosy in 1871; accompanied by her husband to leper colony at Kalaupapa, Maui, in 1873; there is no evidence she joined the Church; died after her husband. (See Spurrier, Sandwich Islands Saints, 235–63; GQC to Bigler and Farrer, Jan. 12, 1852, WFC; GQC journal, Mar. 19, Apr. 1, 10, 1851; Jan. 11, 1852; Jan. 1, June 19, July 25, 1853; Jan. 17, 1854.)