John E. B. Winchester

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Husband of Louisa Winchester.Former ship’s carpenter and old acquaintance of Francis Hammond; associated with sugar industry around Makawao, Maui; one of the “chips” in GQC’s November 1851 dream, along with his brother-in-law Albion Burnham; baptized in November 1851; ordained elder in January 1852; appointed presiding elder of Makawao Branch in February 1852; associated with the missionaries at meetings and socials and assisted them in their labors; served as clerk of most mission conferences; gave GQC gifts, including paper on which to write Book of Mormon translation; composed song sung by missionaries in October 1853; moved to Honolulu prior to March 1855; provided work for James Keeler to earn money for his passage home; served as counselor of Honolulu haole branch. (See “Mormons in Hawaii in the 1850’s,” 49–52; Farrer diary, Oct. 4, 1853; MMH, Mar. 18, Aug. 19, 1855; GQC journal, frequent references, Nov. 1851–July 1854.)