James Henry Rollins

1816– 1899

Born at Lima, Livingston County, New York. Began investigating the Church in 1830 while living with A.S. Gilbert in Kirtland, Ohio. Baptized in 1832. With the Saints during the Missouri persecutions. Arrested after the surrender at Far West in 1838, then released on bail. Moved to Nauvoo. Arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1848. Called to serve as a gold missionary in 1849 and returned to Great Salt Lake City after reaching San Francisco. Called by Brigham Young to settle in San Bernardino in 1851. Returned to Utah in 1857 when Brigham Young asked the Saints to abandon San Bernardino and return during the Utah War. Bishop of Minersville in 1860. Elected to the Utah territorial assembly in 1867. Ordained patriarch of the Beaver Stake in 1893. In 1898 moved to Wyoming to be close to his children. (Andrew Jenson, Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, vol. 4 [Salt Lake City: Andrew Jenson Memorial Association, 1936], 410–11; James Henry Rollins reminiscences, 1896, 1898, Archives Division, Historical Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.)