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James Bond


Born in Blackburn, Lancashire, England; baptized in 1845; immigrated to Utah in 1849; clerk of Thirtieth Quorum of Seventy (GQC’s quorum); wrote letter to Deseret News in April 1852 reporting on quorum members, which GQC saw in Hawai‘i; served mission to England, 1853–55; filled second mission to England, 1856–59. (See “James Bond (Member) Geneology,” in Seventies Quorum records, Thirtieth Quorum, [13]; “Letters to the Editor,” Millennial Star, May 15, 1849; “Thirtieth Quorum of Seventies,” Deseret News, May 1, 1852; “Minutes of the General Conference,” Deseret News, Apr. 30, 1853; “Immigration List,” Deseret News, Sept. 12, 1855; “Release of Elders, and Appointments for 1857,” Millennial Star, Nov. 29, 1856; “Latter Day Saints’ Immigration . . . 1859,” Deseret News, Aug. 24, 1859; GQC journal, Apr. 20, 1854.)