James B. Kipp

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Portuguese resident of Lahaina, Maui; old acquaintance of Francis Hammond; baptized and ordained an elder in September 1851; had extensive land and cattle holdings; married a native woman; along with his wife, frequently associated with the Latter-day Saint missionaries on Maui and assisted them, including hosting meetings at his home; moved to Honolulu prior to April 1853, when appointed clerk of the haole branch there; immigrated to San Bernardino, California, by March 1854; became involved in spiritualism and apostatized with his wife and Edward and Hakuole Dennis by July 1856. (See MMH, Apr. 26, 1853; Lewis journal, Sept. 6, 10, 1851; Hammond to Rich, Nov. 25, 1851, in “Lahaina, Maui,” Deseret News, May 15, 1852; Karren journal, Sept. 29, 1853; GQC to Taylor, March 1 [3], 1852, Deseret News, July 24, 1852; GQC to Farrer, Mar. 27, 1854; Lyman, San Bernardino, 457; GQC journal, frequent references, Aug. 1851–Mar. 1854.)