The Church Historian's Press

Howard Egan

1815– 1878

Born in Tullamore, King’s County, Ireland; immigrated to U.S. in 1841; baptized in 1842 in Salem, Massachusetts; moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, where he was a major in Nauvoo Legion; member of vanguard pioneer company that entered Salt Lake Valley with Brigham Young in July 1847; went to California in 1849; affiliated with the Salt Lake Trading Company operating in the gold fields in 1850; subsequently drove stock to California for Livingston & Kinkead and worked on Pony Express route west of Salt Lake City; served as missionary to the Indians during later life; died in Salt Lake City. (See Jenson, BE, 4:699–700; Drake, “Howard Egan”; Egan, Pioneering the West; “Utah and the Pony Express,” in Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage, 3:365–68; Conquerors of the West, 1:727–28; Landon, To California in ’49, 183; Davies, Mormon Gold, 401; GQC journal, Oct. 20, 30, Nov. 1–2, 1850; Jan. 14, June 17, July 2, 1851.)