Hiram H. Blackwell

1824– 1864

Called as missionary to the Society Islands in 1849; traveled partway to California in company with GQC; remained in California when others sailed to the Society Islands; called on mission to the Sandwich Islands in September 1850; served as companion to James Hawkins on the island of Hawai‘i; left the mission in early February 1851; subsequently spoke discouragingly of the mission’s prospects; called on mission to Mississippi and Alabama while at San Bernardino in October 1854; in Missouri serving as a missionary in April 1856. (See Landon, To California in ’49, 151–52, 181; MMH, biographical sketches; Davies, Mormon Gold, 234, 266; Ellsworth, Journals of Addison Pratt, 584; Ellsworth, History of Louisa Barnes Pratt, 307–8, 393; “Minutes,” Deseret News, Apr. 18, 1855; Journal History, Apr. 6, 1856; GQC journal, frequent references, Oct. 1850–Aug. 1851.)