The Church Historian's Press

Harvey Rexford Hitchcock

1800– 1855

Born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts; graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary in 1831; sailed later that year to Hawai‘i with wife, Rebecca, in fifth company of ABCFM missionaries; established first missionary station on Moloka‘i at Kalua‘aha in 1832; released by the ABCFM at his request in 1851 but continued his ministerial service; traveled to U.S. in 1853; returned to Moloka‘i the following year; died at Kalua‘aha. (See Day, History Makers of Hawaii, 52; Missionary Album, 114–15; Grimshaw, Paths of Duty, 242; Kuykendall, Hawaiian Kingdom, 2:303; GQC journal, June 25, 1852.)