George Warren Sirrine

1820– 1902

Born in Cold Springs, New York; baptized shortly before sailing for California on ship Brooklyn in 1846; experienced local Hawaiian food and culture during Brooklyn’s stopover at Honolulu; lived in San Francisco in October 1850; moved to new Latter-day Saint settlement of San Bernardino in 1852; remained there until onset of Utah War; accompanied Charles C. Rich in settling Bear Lake Valley in 1864; established home in Paris, Idaho; one of original settlers of Mesa, Arizona, in 1877; died in Mesa. (See Clayton, Pioneer Men of Arizona, 437–46; Haddock and Matthews, History of Bear Lake Pioneers, 750–52; “Ship Brooklyn Saints,” in Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage, 3:576–79; Bullock, Ship Brooklyn Saints, 216; Lyman, San Bernardino, 465; GQC journal, Oct. 27, 1850.)