George Raymond

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Son of English father and Hawaiian mother; attended Lahainaluna Seminary; baptized near Wailuku, Maui, December 1852; ordained priest in May 1853, prior to accompanying Francis Hammond on mission through western Maui; accompanied both Jonathan Napela and GQC on separate short-term missions to northwestern Maui, July 1853; donated colt and two cows toward purchase of printing press in October 1853, prior to leaving on mission to Big Island; called on mission to Kaua‘i, April 1854, where he served as district president; released in 1855 at Brigham Young’s request to make preparations to gather to Utah; remained in the islands and gathered with the Latter-day Saints on Lana‘i; appointed counselor in Maui conference presidency, April 1858, when mission was closed due to Utah War; appointed bishop of Wailuku by Walter Murray Gibson; called as traveling elder for Maui conference in October 1864 following Gibson’s excommunication; moved to La‘ie, O‘ahu, in 1866; following 1873 mission to Kaua‘i, moved back to Wailuku. (See Spurrier, Sandwich Islands Saints, 155–59; MMH, July 25, 1855; Apr. 25, 1858; Oct. 2, 1864; GQC journal, frequent references, Dec. 1852–June 1854.)