The Church Historian's Press

George Cannon

1794– 1844

Father of GQC; born in Peel, Isle of Man; moved to Liverpool, England, to help support his mother after the death of his father; married Ann Quayle, a former neighbor on Isle of Man, in October 1825 at Liverpool; had eight children with Ann; carpenter and joiner by profession; baptized with Ann in February 1840 by their brother-in-law John Taylor; sailed for U.S. in September 1842 with his wife and their six surviving children; became widower when Ann died during the voyage; settled in Nauvoo, Illinois, where he worked as a carpenter; married Mary Edwards White in February 1844; made death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith following June 1844 martyrdom; died unexpectedly two months later in St. Louis, Missouri, where he had gone for work prior to the birth of his youngest daughter. (See Evans and Cannon, Cannon Family Historical Treasury, 388; Cannon, George Cannon, the Immigrant; Bitton, George Q. Cannon, 538; “Isles of Man—Wight—Jersey,” in Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage, 16:482–83; GQC journal, Dec. 3, 1852.)