The Church Historian's Press

George Cannon Lambert

1848– 1917

Nephew of GQC; born at Winter Quarters, Nebraska; son of Charles Lambert and Mary Alice Cannon; moved to Utah with his parents in 1849; began apprenticeship with the Juvenile Instructor in 1867; later served as typesetter for Deseret News and oversaw paper mill established southeast of Salt Lake City; became partner with GQC in publishing business, initiating the “Faith Promoting Series,” which included GQC’s My First Mission; filled mission to England, 1882–84, during which he served on the Millennial Star editorial staff; worked for Deseret News following his return, having previously sold his interest in the publishing business to GQC; died in Salt Lake City. (See Jenson, BE, 1:612–13; Esshom, Pioneers and Prominent Men, 994; George Cannon Lambert autobiography; GQC journal, June 9, 1853.)