Peter Muir Fife

1805– 1873

Born in Scotland. Although Fife claimed to have served in the Mormon Battalion, no definitive evidence exists that he was ever mustered in or out of the Battalion. However, in 1848 he was with other discharged battalion veterans in California and traveled to the Great Salt Lake Valley with Jefferson Hunt. His knowledge of landmarks proved useful while in GQC's company traveling to California in 1849. Returned to Utah in 1850 with the Lyman Company. Died at Hamilton Fort, Iron County, Utah. (Mentioned in Carl V. Larson, A Data Base of the Mormon Battalion: An Identification of the Original Members of the Mormon Battalion [Providence, Utah: Keith W. Watkins and Sons, 1987], 71; GQC Journal, 30 Oct. 1849, 17 Nov. 1849; and in the Appendices Name Index in J. Kenneth Davies, Mormon Gold: The Story of California's Mormon Argonauts [Salt Lake City: Olympus Publishing Co., 1984].)