The Church Historian's Press

Elizabeth Hoagland

1835– 1882

Younger sister of John Hoagland; born in Royal Oak, Michigan; moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, with her family following her parents’ baptism in 1841; immigrated to Utah in 1847 in same company with GQC and settled in same ward, Fourteenth Ward; reached understanding with GQC prior to his leaving for California that they would marry upon his return; taught in Fourteenth Ward School while GQC was in Hawai‘i; married GQC in December 1854; accompanied her husband on mission to San Francisco, 1855–58; assisted in printing the Book of Mormon in Hawaiian; gave birth to couple’s first two children in San Francisco, the oldest of whom lived only ten months; left two young sons in care of family members and accompanied GQC on mission to England in 1861; gave birth to two additional children, both of whom died shortly before she returned to Utah in 1863; gave birth to six more children between 1865 and 1877, all at Salt Lake City, four of whom survived her; made three trips to Washington, D.C., while GQC served as Utah’s territorial delegate to Congress, 1873–82; became ill during last trip; died shortly after returning to Salt Lake City. (See Evans and Cannon, Cannon Family Historical Treasury, 387; Bitton, George Q. Cannon, 538, 545; Lyman, Payne, and Ellsworth, No Place to Call Home, 333; “Death of Mrs. E. H. Cannon,” Deseret Evening News, Jan. 26, 1882; GQC journal, frequent references, Apr. 1851–Aug. 1854.)