Eliphalet Whittlesey

1816– 1889

Born in Salisbury, Connecticut; graduated from Union Theological Seminary, New York City, in 1843; later that year sailed for Hawai‘i with his wife, Elizabeth, members of eleventh company of missionaries sent by ABCFM; stationed at Hana, Maui, with responsibility for ABCFM’s operations in eastern Maui; returned to U.S. in 1854; filled various assignments in eastern U.S. prior to his release from ABCFM in 1864; served as independent pastor for congregations in Connecticut, New York, Missouri, and New Jersey, where he died. (See Day, History Makers of Hawaii, 126; Missionary Album, 200; Grimshaw, Paths of Duty, 246; GQC journal, July 28, Sept. 3, 16, 1851; Apr. 28, 1853.)