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Edward [Edmund in some sources] Dennis

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Baptized in Honolulu in March 1852, three months before his wife, Hakoule, and daughter Mary were baptized; ordained elder in April 1853; member of committee appointed to locate gathering place for the Hawaiian Saints; accompanied the elders during October 1853 visit to Haleakala; loaned the mission one thousand dollars to purchase a printing press; sold the mission his tin-working tools and equipment at half their fair market value prior to leaving the islands in February 1854 with his family and William Franklin; took up residence in San Bernardino, California; became involved in spiritualism and apostatized with his wife and the Kipps prior to July 1856. (See Lewis journal, Mar. 23, 1852; Feb. 1, 1854; Karren journal, Oct. 6, 1853; Johnson, My Life’s Review, 172–75; MMH, Apr. 26, 1853; Lyman, San Bernardino, 296–99; GQC journal, frequent references, May 1852–Jan. 1854.)