Dwight Baldwin

1798– 1886

Native of Durham, Connecticut; graduated from Yale College in 1821 and Auburn Theological Seminary in 1829; studied medicine at Harvard University; sailed for Hawai‘i with wife, Charlotte, in 1830 as part of fourth company of ABCFM missionaries; stationed at Lahaina, Maui, 1835–70, where he served both as pastor (primarily for the native congregation) and physician; active in establishing schools in western Maui; taught at Theological School in Honolulu, 1872–77; died in Honolulu. (See Day, History Makers of Hawaii, 7; Missionary Album, 36–37; Kuykendall, Hawaiian Kingdom, 1:438, 2:299; Grimshaw, Paths of Duty, 240; GQC journal, Jan. 5, Mar. 16, 23, Apr. 20, Aug. 23, 25, 1851.)