The Church Historian's Press

Charles Lambert

1816– 1892

Brother-in-law of GQC; born in Yorkshire, England; baptized in Lincolnshire, England, in 1843; immigrated to Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1844; married GQC’s younger sister Mary Alice that same year and provided a home for her three youngest siblings—Angus, David, and Leonora Cannon following the death of their father; worked as stonemason on the Nauvoo Temple; participated in 1846 Battle of Nauvoo in which the remaining Latter-day Saints were forced to leave the city; immigrated to Salt Lake City with his family and brothers- and sister-in-law, arriving shortly after GQC left for California in 1849; settled in Seventh Ward and operated farm in Granger, Utah; served two missions to British Isles, 1870–71 and 1882–83; died on his Granger farm. (See Jenson, BE, 2:779–80; Evans and Cannon, Cannon Family Historical Treasury, 389; Landon, To California in ’49, 184; Esshom, Pioneers and Prominent Men, 994; GQC journal, frequent references, Apr. 1851–Aug. 1854.)