Brother Solomona

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Resident of Maulua, Hawai‘i; man of considerable influence and teacher in Congregationalist Church prior to his baptism; ordained priest prior to March 1854; donated fifty cents towards the purchase of a press, May 1854; ordained elder and called on mission to the Hilo district, October 1854; called as counselor to Kailihune in the Lana‘i conference presidency in April 1858; contributed money and goods to purchase land from Levi Haalelea for the Saints’ Lana‘i settlement in 1862; called on missions at conferences held in La‘ie, O‘ahu, in April 1867 and 1877, the second time as companion to James Keeler. (See MMH, Oct. 8, 1854; Apr. 25, 1858; May 1, 1862; Apr. 7, 1867; Apr. 6, 1877;Karren journal, Mar. 6, 1854; GQC journal, May 17, 1854.)