Brother Kekoa

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Deacon in the Reverend Jonathan Green’s church prior to his baptism in May 1853 at Kula, Maui; ordained teacher that same month; accompanied James Keeler on three-week mission to east Maui in June 1853; ordained priest in Kula Branch in July 1853; left on second mission to east Maui in November 1853; returned to Kaupo with Kapono to withstand effort of Kaauwai to undermine the Church in that area in December 1853; was serving as president of Kula Branch in March 1858 when mission was closed because of Utah War; chosen as one of Walter Murray Gibson’s twelve apostles in April 1862. (See Hammond journal, May 28–29, 1853; Reddick Allred journal, Nov. 10, Dec. 16, 1853; MMH, Mar. 3, 1858; Apr. 6, 1862; GQC journal, May 29, June 21, July 17, 1853.)