Brother Kalawaia

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At least two individuals by this name are mentioned by GQC. The first Kalawaia was ordained a priest in Kula Branch on Maui in July 1853; sailed from Maui to Big Island to fulfill a mission in October 1853; returned to Maui in same canoe with GQC in June 1854. The second Kalawaia was ordained a priest at Wailuku, Maui, in April 1854; accepted mission call to Kaua‘i; initially stranded at Honolulu, had reached Kaua‘i by the end of May 1854. (See Farrer diary, May 11, 30, 1854; GQC journal, July 17, 1853; Apr. 7, 20, 29, June 10–11, 13, 15–16, 1854.)