The Church Historian's Press

Benjamin Wyman Parker

1803– 1877

Born in Reading, Massachusetts; graduated from Theological Seminary at Andover, Massachusetts, in 1832; later that year sailed with his wife, Mary, for Hawai‘i as members of sixth company of missionaries sent to the islands by ABCFM; went to Marquesas Islands in 1833 hoping to establish a mission there; returned to O‘ahu in 1834; stationed at Kane‘ohe for more than thirty years; returned to the Marquesas Islands as member of Congregationalist delegation from Hawai‘i in 1853 and 1867; spent last years of his life in Honolulu training native students at the Hawaiian Theological School. (See Day, History Makers of Hawaii, 103; Missionary Album, 154–55; Grimshaw, Paths of Duty, 245; GQC journal, June 7, Nov. 7, 1853.)