Augustus (also referred to as Samuel Gess) Side

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Haole resident of Laupahoehoe, Hawai‘i; baptized, ordained priest, and appointed presiding officer of the branch at Laupahoehoe in January 1854; ordained elder the following month; helped pay passage for missionaries on Big Island to attend July 1854 conference and provided them barrel of beef to eat while there; donated money towards the return of GQC, William Farrer, Henry Bigler, and James Hawkins; volunteered his time and resources toward the establishment of the Lana‘i colony; sailed from Hawai‘i in company with Edgerton Snider, December 1855. (See Karren journal, Jan. 16–17, Feb. 12, July 6, 1854; MMH, Dec. 1, 1855; GQC journal, Apr. 29, May 30–31, July 26, 29, 1854.)