Ann Quayle Cannon

1798– 1842

Mother of GQC; born in Peel, Isle of Man; married George Cannon, former neighbor on Isle of Man, in Liverpool, England, in 1825; baptized with her husband by their brother-in-law John Taylor in February 1840; later that year gave birth to her eighth and youngest child; sailed for U.S. in September 1842 along with her husband and six living children; died at sea the following month. (See Evans and Cannon, Cannon Family Historical Treasury, 21–55; Cannon, George Cannon, The Immigrant, 71–114; Bitton, George Q. Cannon, 537; “Isles of Man—Wight—Jersey,” in Carter, Our Pioneer Heritage, 16:482–83; GQC journal, Oct. 28, 1850.)