Akuna Pake

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Had charge of Jonathan Napela’s affairs in Kula, Maui, May 1851; one of the first Latter-day Saint converts baptized by GQC in June 1851, two weeks before his wife was baptized; ordained deacon at organization of Kula Branch, August 1851; called on mission to O‘ahu, October 1853; ordained elder on O‘ahu, December 1853; called on mission to Moloka‘i in April 1856; called on mission to Big Island in October 1856; served as bishop of Kula Branch under Walter Murray Gibson; served as president of the Makawao and Haiku branches on Maui following Gibson’s excommunication. (See Spurrier, Sandwich Islands Saints, 113–17; Bigler diary, “Book D,” Dec. 4, 1853; MMH, Apr. 8, Oct. 9, 1856; Dec. 16, 1861; Dec. 7, 1877; GQC journal, May 13, June 2, 29, July 10, Aug. 6, 1851; Mar. 12, 1854.)