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Building on his graduate work at Claremont Graduate University, historian Kenneth Adkins prepared and annotated the diary transcript, wrote the historical introduction, and compiled the chronology. Thomas C. Clark verified the transcript against the original journal. Catherine Reese Newton led editorial efforts for this publication, including serving as editorial project manager. Leslie Sherman Edgington verified citations in the introduction, chronology, and annotations. Laura Sumsion Rawlins and R. Eric Smith also assisted with editorial work. Matthew McBride and Lisa Olsen Tait provided valuable comments on the introduction. Christy Best facilitated access to Harris’s journal and related items in the Church History Catalog. Benjamin H. Wood oversaw the development of the project pages on the Church Historian’s Press website. Kaytee Johnson secured permissions and prepared the material for publication on the website. Debra Xavier Abercrombie and John Heath coordinated publicity efforts.

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