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August 1883

1 August 1883 • Wednesday

august 1 to day sister [Josephine Groesbeck]1 smith wife of John Henry Smith with sister Catharine Horricks [Catherine MacSwein Horrocks] and sister perkins of ST George came to see me I enjoyed their visit so much they related many circumstances of trial thorough [through] which this people have passed and my improsenment [imprisonment] here is nothing in comparison they bad[e] me be of good cheer and expressed themselves pleased to have seen me Sister Horricks gave me a dollar and hoped that she would see me again this afternoon My friend Miss Warnock has been here and we had a lively chat about our acquaintances and friend[s] at home it seems nice to me to see a familia[r] face among so many strangers I have also received letters to day from home and other such all helps to break the monotony.

2 August 1883 • Thursday

august 2 to day Bro. [Amos M. Musser] and Sister Musser have visited me and I felt much happier for their visit I related some of Mr [Zera] Snow [page torn] [p. 61] conversation and Bro. Musser said he was a scoundrel that he had gone back on his own parentage and for me to pay no attention to what he said that though they might detain me here yet it would not amount to a hill of beans and that I should be made comfortable Sister Musser asked me if their was any thing I wished if so to just make it known Bro Musser said if you are released you must take a month to visit with all of us the guard have all been forbidden to talk to me again and they look as if they were ready to speak but do not dare it is just amuseing to me for there is scarcely one here but has been friendly and sociable and I know they are perfectly disgusted at those who are so anxious to inflict punnishment on an unof[f]ending woman

3 August 1883 • Friday

aug 3 to day I have been employed in answering letters there is little variety in the life my occupation day after day is writeing reading the news which I receive evry evening receiveing visitors [page torn] [who?] are most all strangers to me [p. 62] but who are friends and are sincere in there expressions of sympathy this after noon sister [Mary Ann Burnham] Freeze and her sister2 and a gentlemen3 came and we were all very cheerfull and spent our half hour in the gayest and liveliest conversation possible.

4 August 1883 • Saturday

aug 4 to day half a dozzen ladies have visited me Ellice R Shipp [Ellis Reynolds Shipp] Dr. Maggie C Shipp [Margaret Curtis Shipp] Flora Shipp Hill Maria M Dugal [Clarissa Maria Young Dougall] Sarah M White and Lilly Y Frzeeze Freeze [Lelia Tuckett Freeze]. all expressed themselves glad that I could bare my improsenment so cheerfully and assured me that I had the faith and prayers of all the Saints.

5 August 1883 • Sunday

aug 5 to day is sunday and such a lovely day the Warden allowed me to go on the wall and look at the prisoners there were about fifty eight twas an awfull lo[o]king sight numbers of them were dirty ragged and in chains when I came down Bro Penrose was waiting to see me he brought me a letter and ten dollars sent by the young ladies of Mt. Pleasant Sanpeet Co. he staid but a short time but bad[e] me be patient and faith[ful?] [page torn] [p. 63]

6 August 1883 • Monday

aug 6 to day is election day and consequently of great moment to those who are allowed to vote but I would not be were I at liberty. I have employed my time to day in writeing letters one to the news tendering thanks to the young ladies of Mt Pleasant and others to friends and relatives also received letters from home informeing me that all are well among my papers which I received to day was the Beaver utonian in which there is one of my letters and quite a lengthy article from the Editor on the injustice of my imprasenment I had visitors this afternoon Mrs Hariet Strickland Miss. Labisa Lears and Sister Jane Freeze sister Freeze brought me a paper with an article in from a gentile lady of New York on my case in which she is kind in my praise and appeals to all ladies [page torn] [to?] weield their pen in my defense. [p. 64]

9 August 1883 • Thursday

aug 9 to day I have received letters from friends and one from home informing me that Pa intends starting for Salt Lake about the tenth I have had no visitors for three days and have not been well atall neither has my baby the weather has been dreadfull warm

10 August 1883 • Friday

aug 10 to day I have had all my visitors at once three or four carri[a]ges4 full all happening to come about the same time almost all of them brought fruits of different kind[s] and sister Musser brought water mellons which were very nice in fact I have been supplied with nearly every thing in the market I am a little better but not well Marshal Ireland was out this evening and I asked him if I could have my room door open all night as it is almost suffocaeting with it shut he consented and I think I shall feel much better I am waiting anxiously now for the twenty seventh [p. 65] when I shall have to go to Beaver and I hope I shall then be released

13 August 1883 • Monday

aug 13 I am feeling so lonely I am sick and baby is not well havent seen any one for a few days didnt get any letters to day but I think Pa is surely started by this time no one around here dares to speak to me now scarcely I shall be so glad to go home

14 August 1883 • Tuesday

aug14 Bro Olif anderson [Oluf Joswald Andersen] Editor of a scandinavian paper came with his wife5 to see me this morning he said he had translated my letters which had appeared in the news in the danish language said the people everywhere were much intereste[d] in my case his wife brought me some fruit this afternoon sister [Mary Ann Burnham] Freeze and her sister6 have been to see me I was much pleased to see her for I am becomeing quite well acquainted and I felt glad to talk with her my health is some better now but my room is dreadfull close in this hot weather [p. 66]

15 August 1883 • Wednesday

aug 15 I have received letters from home to day informing me that Pa started on the eighith so I am looking for him evry day

16 August 1883 • Thursday

aug 16 to day J. B. Campbell a portrait painter visited me to day he wants to paint my portrait he said to send to his home in the east Mr. Kenner and another gentleman came to see me this evening he says he has talked with one of the ablest lawyers on the Pacific coast and he says that they will be bound to let me go when the Grand jury is discharged

17 August 1883 • Friday

aug 17 Dep. Marshall [John W.] Greenman has been here to se[e] me to day I told him how determined Marshall Ireland is to show me as little favor as possible he says he thinks it strange for with the exception of perhaps half a dozzen sympathy is universaly in my favor and he said in speaking for himself that he thought I did just right and that any sensible person would have done just the same he said he wished he could allow me to go rideing but that he could not as Mr Ireland had forbidden it he expressed a hope that he would be chosen to take [p. 67] me to Beaver for he said he would see that I was comfortablly provided for I sincerely hope he does go for he is a gentleman

18 August 1883 • Saturday

aug 18 Pa came today and will remain in the City untill I am taken to Beaver how glad I shall be to see my home and friends once more

20 August 1883 • Monday

aug 20 Sister Musser came to <day> brought me an account of all who have given to the fund which has been collected she had receipts for $75. [illegible] [this?] has been deposited in the bank she said my Lawyers were endeavoring to have me allowed to go to town a day or two I talk[ed] with Mr Ireland sunday and he said if Ju<d>ge Twiss would send him a written order he would then allow me to go. he said he didnt know whether I would be taken to Beaver or not and that if he was the Judge he would keep me here till I answered their questions [p. 68]

21 August 1883 • Tuesday

aug 21

aug 21 the two Mrs Frezze [Freeze]7 visited me this morning and also Sister Mary S[tone] Snow wife of Judge [Zerubbabel] Snow My aunt8 and Cousin9 and Mr Angel [Truman O. Angell Jr.]10 from Logan have been here this afternoon I was very glad to see them for I am feeling somewhat dispirited today there is a fair prospect that I will not go to Beaver and the disapointment is terrible My Mother and brother11 and my boy would be there to meet me and Oh! how can I endure it I think I could stand it to come back but to stay here with out seeing my child seems almost more than I can bare Mr Kenner was just here he says they are doing all they can to have me go but he can not tell how it will be they have not assented to al[l]ow me to go to the City yet Pa did not come to see me to day and is going to Logan so I will not see him untill Sunday.

23 August 1883 • Thursday

aug 23 to day I have received a letter from my Cousin D. E. Harris and one from <Bro.> Wm. Fotheringham both are full of encouragement and commend me for the course I have taken Sister Romania B. Pratt visited me and a [Mrs.?] [page torn] B. Whipple [Eliza Beeson Whipple] from Chicago this lady is a [Gentile?]12 [page torn] (but she like any true woman would) praised my conduct and expressed contempt for any and all who would belittle thus try to force a woman to answer such questions to an impertinent atorney she is visiting among [p. 69] the people of Salt Lake and said she is enjoying her visit very much said she had a great desire to see me and was much pleased that the opportunity had been afforded she seemed pleased to see me so hapy and said she admired my courage and bade me still maintain the same Sister Lucy B[igelow] Young from St. George also visited me today she says the people of St. George are greatly interested and all hope that I will be given strength to be firm through all my tryals. and that I may always be given strength to do right is my most fervent wish the health of myself and baby is better and I am greatly in hopes they will conclude to take us to Beaver.

24 August 1883 • Friday

aug 24 I have received a letter from the young ladies of Nephi commending me highly for my conduct and sending ten dollars as a toke[n] of esteem sister Musser has also brought the accounts which she has been keeping of the subscribtion fund for me and as nearly as I can make out [page torn] [th?]ere has been about $250. collected and about [page torn] hundred of it is on hand now.

25 August 1883 • Saturday

aug 25 My Father and Mr Kenner visited me to day and Mr Kenner says he has seen Ju<d>ge Twiss and Marshal Ireland both and he can not learn whether they are going to take me to Beaver or not Judge Twiss says he has no jurisdiction over any prisoner untill they are brought in [p. [70]] to Court and Mr Ireland says he has no athoruity [authority] to act without special order from the Court so between the two they are going to keep me here Mr Kenner thinks they have concluded to liberate me when the Grand Jury is discharged and as they are convinced that I would not answer their questions they have concluded to leave me here and thus save the expences of the trip However I think I shall know something deffinite this week I am terribly disapointed at not being allowed to go to Beaver as I have anticipated such a pleasant meeting with my family and friends

27 August 1883 • Monday

27 Sister Musser came to see me to day she said she saw Marshall Ireland and he said if was taken to Beaver that he would let me come to town at 9 oclock and as I would not have to leave for Beaver untill three P.M. I would have time to bid my friends good by Sister Freeze and her sister13 cam[e] this after noon they are all looking for a s[p]eedy release for me now.

28 August 1883 • Tuesday

28 Pa has been to see me to day and the war[den?] [page torn] allowed him to stay and take dinner wi[th?] [page torn] me it was such a treat for me for we had a l[ong?] [page torn] talk he is going to telegraph to Mother to wait at beaver untill she learns whether I am released are [or] not and he is going to remain in the City then if I am we will take the train and go down [p. [71]]

29 August 1883 • Wednesday

aug 29 Bro. Bebe and his son came to see me to day he says that all the people are interested in my welfare and are very glad that I am so cheerfull he gave me a dollar the Grand Jury meets to day at Beaver and I think I will hear something soon

31 August 1883 • Friday

aug31 I have heard nothing yet whether I am going to be liberated are not. Pa was out to day he says most of those who have expressed their opinion to him think that we will surely hear something this evening as the Grand Jury will in all probability be discharged to day he was supposed to <yesterday> appear before the Grand Jury on the third of December next he does not know on what case it is but thinks perhaps it is this one and they are going to still continue it I am getting very anxious to hear what is going to be done. [p. [72]]

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