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Undated Meeting • August 1843

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Meeting of the female Relef Society

of the third Ward1

commenced Singing “the Glorious day is rolling on”2 Prayer by Sister Peck—

The following names as members were receiv’d by unanimous vote

Jane Rawlins

Ann Hunter

Mary Graham

Margaret P. Downing

Sarah Wellfery

Almira Palmer

Mary Knowlton

Polly A Sabins [Mary Ann Sabin]

Lucinda Cunningham

Julia A [Foster] Hampton

Hannah Smith

Abagail C Owens

Leah Rawlins

Elisa Evans

Susan Winegar

Polly Canklin [Conklin]

Ester Moraletile [Esther Maleta Johnson]

Clarrissa Miller

Emily Worton

Martha Akes

Lavinia Haze [Lovina Hayes]

Penina Frost

Elizabeth Welker

Maria Vansal [Vancil]

Jane Stocker

Darinda Kimball

Asennath [Asenath] Burt

Counsellor [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney Spoke of the disappointment on account of Sister Emmas Sickness

Mrs Billings Spoke of the case of a little girl who lived with Mrs Sheour

Miss Frost spoke of the sick said Mrs Burgess & family were disstressd

Mrs Pratt gave Sugar & coffee

Mrs J [Sarah] Smith said many of the sick were suffring and some were getting better

Mrs Meecum said she had been sick had not been able to attend to her duty but said Mrs Charles [Elizabeth] Ivins would assist from time to time when calld upon Spoke of a Mrs Nickerson Who had no home [p. [111]]

Mrs Webb said she would take her in

Sistr— [Lydia] Granger of the first ward said she had visited the sick in her ward many were suffering some getting better

Mrs Heaps donated one dollar order on Mr Law

Mrs Lyon

one Wheel head



Dr [Robert] Foster

do [ditto]



Which was given to Steers mentiond by sister Simpson

Sistr— Peck reported Mr Cuyes and family as sick and destitute administerd to th[e]ir relief

Eunice Holbrook gave 2 lbs sugar



Mrs Sessions said that Mr [Joseph] Dobson was sick & destitute had 3 chairs which he wanted to sell for provisions

Mrs [Elizabeth] Jones said a little girl was brought to her as an object of charity

Mrs Hunter gave calico for a dress for her

Mrs Jones said she had obtaind 40 lb of wool as a donation to the Temple by Mrs Elvira Saxon Who wishes to become a member of the female Relief Soc[i]ety Sister Saxon was received by unanimous vote

Mrs Aldridge said she had visited the sick in the 4th ward and administerd to their wants

Mrs Kimball stated a Mr [John] Charleston & family were sick his wife very low & in great need of a nurse said she had assisted them

Mrs [Rebecca] Hodge gave on[e] pr of pillow slips and table cloth—



a Hymn then sung “Mortals awake with angels join”3

Prayer by Mrs Whitney

Meeting closed [p. [112]]

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