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March 1892

1 March 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy & <Cloudy> I assisted Miss Millie Atkin in commencing school by getting for her a chart & counting board. I attended to some business at the Court house and wrote letters to W. J. Robinson, Emma Monteith and mailed two other letters to A. F. Doremus Also made and posted bills to several parties owing. James Wrathall and Elijah spray came home with me to dinner. Balanced up my book accounts for the month of Feb. 1892. In the evening I attended the Lesser Priesthood meeting and talked to the young boys. Had the assistance of the Spirit in doing so. Georgie went with me. I was mouth in ordaining John Alexander Bevan a Deacon.

2 March 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather fine part of the day. a shower of hail came about one P.M. I sold a load of hay to Dr F M Davis per Barber. Laid off land in South field and plowed. Went to Store in the early evening and got weigh receipts of Hay [p. 252] Remained at home in the evening and wrote and read.

3 March 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather cloudy.

I sold a load of hay to Marshall. Fasted until after noon, plowed in South field sage land and turned the Kelsey water on next to East field. &c. Attended the Y.M.M.I. Ass. in the evening and was called to lecture of the Gospel next week. After meeting I studdied my subject.

4 March 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I plowed in the South field and Sold a load of hay to Huff Bros. Spent the evening at home. Received for County Schools as Co. Treasurer $6840.83 from Territorial Auditor

5 March 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine.

I attended to some business at the Court House and plowed sage land in South field. Had two men piling sages. In the evening I wrote letters shaved and bathed Folks usually well. Joels throat is a little swollen. [p. 253]

6 March 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant but cool. I rode down to Grantsville with Bro. Gowans and attended Sunday school and Ward Con. Spoke in both school and meeting with freedom and spirit. Took dinner with Pp. [Bp.] James L. Wrathall. Returned in time to attend the evening meeting Conjoint meeting Alice, Georgie and Nerva accompanied me. After meeting by request I accompanied Andrew Gowans over home where I assisted Prest Gowans and J. W. Delamar in administering to Barbary Bowen who was passing a gall stone. J Delamar anointed & I confirmed which seemed to have the desired effect and was followed by relief and blessing from the Lord.

7 March 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I plowed all day in South field. Had two men Nels Johnson and Adam Heggie piling sages. In the evening I wrote several letters. Sent papers to Fred. [p. 254]

8 March 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I repaired barn yard fences, set two posts; went to the Station and got my Mosler Safe weighed it and found its weight to be 1690 lbs.; put it in place in the house. Did some business at the Court House. Turned the Kelsey water in East field and in the evening I attended a committee meeting appointed to revise the Bylaws of the Tooele Irrigation District. Was elected Secretary of the Committee.

9 March 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant, ground dry. Alice, the three girls & I went by train to the City. Attended to some business there and went down to Stephen’s in the evening. Staid with Willard The others staid at Stephens. Mother was there

10 March 1892 • Thursday

Salt Lake Weather pleasant.

I took Alice & children up Town Mother accompanied us. Had Sarah’s & Amy’s photos taken together. Attended to divers business & returned to Sugar Ward where we staid all night as the night previous. [p. 255]

Paid Tithing As Follows.


Paid in full



Paid in full


[5 lines blank]


Paid Fast Offerings



" " "1


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Paid Temple Offerings



" " "2


[8 lines blank] [p. 256] [end of second volume]


  1. [1]Ditto marks for “Paid Fast Offerings”.

  2. [2]Ditto marks for “Paid Temple Offerings”.